Monday, July 30, 2007

Chuck and Larry - Propaganda for the Gay Lobby

Friday was my anniversary so after dinner my wife and I went to see Chuck and Larry because it looked funny and I like Adam Sandler. I enjoyed the first half of the movie but somewhere around the middle it took definite propagandist turn. It went from delivering a message of indifferent tolerance to out right support and advocacy for the gay lobby. In the film the few opponents of homosexual behavior were shown to be over zealous, religious bigots shouting about gays 'burning in Hell". There was no honest debate, no respect for real differences of opinion, opponents were simply mean spirited and bigoted. I stopped enjoying the film at this point as the propaganda was just too over the top and obvious but I stuck it out to see how it would end.
As a Conservative I am opposed to gay 'marriage' but have no problem with civil unions that provide the same legal rights regarding survivorship, benefits, etc. I'm opposed to gay adoption. I will never accept a gay lifestyle as just another alternative and will never allow my children to be taught that it is just one of many choices. But I am comfortable working with gays, my former director was, and am generally a live and let live type of person as I believe most Americans are. But the gay lobby simply insists on striving for full acceptance by everyone and full recognition of their relationships as equal to traditional relationships and that turns people like me off. Yet rather than accept this differing point of view they, like all Liberals, resort to name calling to hurt their perceived enemies.
Chuck and Larry should come with a warning label.