Friday, March 23, 2007

Islam's Gift to the West

9/11 is a day, like Dec. 7 1941, that will live in infamy as one of the worst attacks on the US ever in history. In spite of this horrific attack is it possible that it could have been a blessing, an expensive one in terms of lives, in the long run?
What has been revealed since 9/11? That Islam has been conducting a decades long slow stealth march through the West that has gone virtually unnoticed until Al Queda brutally exposed the Islamic Agenda on 9/11.
Europeans, who realistically may lose their continent to Islam this century, seems to finally be awakening to the danger in their midst and is mobilizing to save themselves.
We Americans have become more vigilant and suspicious of attempts by Muslims to garner exceptions to US law based on their freedom of religion.
Note the recent attention given to the "flying Imams", the Somali Muslim invaders that masquerade as cabbies who refuse to carry seeing-eye dogs and passengers with alcohol, the Muslim in Target that refused to check out bacon and countless little cuts to our Western culture.
When the 1st amendment was written it was written from a Western, Christian perspective. That is an undeniable fact. However, this fact seems to be ignored when dealing with non-Western religions. Will Muslims soon begin demanding that they be allowed to have multiple wives because it is for them a religious practice? What about keeping their wives in subservient positions? Honor killings? Female circumcision? Refusing to serve pork to paying customers?
Will Muslims be allowed to openly discriminate against non-Muslims because Islam calls for Muslims to treat ALL non-Muslims as second class citizens? Our founders couldn't have known they would have had to someday address these issues.
Islam will use our own laws and freedoms against us to advance their own agenda. In this battle we are unarmed.
All these questions are now being asked, stealth organizations such as CAIR that support terrorists are being watched, and the duplicitous nature of Islam is now being watched thanks to 9/11.
In spite of the unforgivable loss of life on 9/11 I want to thank Islam for waking us up to the danger in our midst.

Safeguarding our Freedoms

A lot that I've read lately leads me to believe that the only way to safeguard or freedoms is to demand school choice. The public schools have become the indoctrination centers for the Left. Every advocacy group in this country knows that if they want to advance their agenda all they need to do is enlist the support of the NEA. From gay rights to acceptance of Sharia Law the public schools are the channel.
I believe there is no greater threat to the future of our nation than public education. The self-described function of public education has transformed from educating our children to indoctrinating them on a host of Liberal causes to to ensure our children don't "discriminate". In the name of preventing "ism's" our children will learn to keep their thoughts to themselves, to not speak out against threats to the US, to feel ashamed to be white, Western, Christian, male, heterosexual or any non-member of a protected class. We desperately need school choice to ensure our children learn what they need to compete in a global economy but more importantly because only through breaking the Liberal monopoly on education will our children learn about our Founders, what it means to be an American, and take their duty to protect our country as a sacred one. It is through ignorance that the Liberal agenda is advanced. It is ignorance that is at the root of the erosion of our freedoms, our culture, and our identity.

The President and the Polls

Much ado is made of the President's poll numbers and the MSM is only too eager to report that the President's numbers are swirling the bowl because of the war in Iraq. If that were really the case would the Dems be having such a hard time passing their resolutions to retreat from Iraq? The truth is probably closer to the fact that the President has abandoned Conservative principles and has thus lost the support of much of the Conservative base.
How high would his numbers rebound to if he actually sided with the American people on immigration reform?
How would he be doing if he hadn't tried to buy the AARP vote with his expansion of Medicare and resulting ballooning of the federal budget?
And how much Reagan Democrat support would he have if he would, for once, support pro-American trade policies and address American's unease with globalization?

If the President had listened to his base his support level would be much higher, the GOP would probably have held Congress, and he wouldn't be currently fending off frustration driven attacks from angry Democrats.

We can only hope that he and the rest of the GOP will learn from this experience and return to the Reagan and Gingrich principles that secure GOP domination for so long.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recommended Blog

If you care about the massive influx of Muslims into Europe and are concerned about the implications of a "Eurabia" you have to subscribe to this blog:
It gives me hope that there are still Europeans that care about their countries, their cultures, and their futures.

Friday, March 16, 2007

History, Multiculturalism, and the end of the West

As Western countries are increasingly flooded with immigrants from non-Western countries when will it cease to be possible to teach the history of the host country from the host's perspective? Are Mexican-American students likely to understand the American side of the story of the Alamo or will their ethnic "pride", loyalty, or identity supersede their American identity? Will they proclaim an American viewpoint of the Alamo as somehow racist? Will all history have to be taught from the perspective of the aggrieved and defeated to be valid? Witness how the history of the westward expansion of whites is now commonly portrayed as a criminal act because of how the Indians were treated.

To get an idea of the future take a look at the Iranian reaction to the film '300'. The Iranians don't like the way the Persians were portrayed and are more than a little upset about it. How do the Iranians think the enemies of the Greeks should have been portrayed? IN the eyes of the Spartans and other Greeks the Persians WERE invading, cruel, brutal, and a force to be feared. They weren't friendly neighbors coming over to borrow a cup of sugar.

As Europe becomes increasingly Muslim will it be possible to tell the history of the Battle of Tours in which Charles "the Hammer" Martel defeated the invading Muslim army and saved Europe from Islam? How can it be told without "offending" Muslims? This was one of the most historically important battles in European history but can it be told? What about the Reconquista in Spain when the Moors were finally expelled and Spain reclaimed for the Spanish Christians?

Will European history as it relates to European relations with Islam be deemed too racist, imperialist, colonialist, et al to be told from an honest Western perspective?

Will Europe be forced to give up its Christian symbols as some prison guards in London were forced to do because their St. George lapel pins might "upset" some Muslim prisoners and guards? Must Europe now deny its Christian roots?

What connection do these new imigrants have to their hosts? They obviously have little interest in integrating or assimilating and the Liberal West has little interest in making them do so. What kind of connection to the Tower of London does a Pakistani immigrant to England have? A Moroccan to the art in the Louvre? A Nigerian to the Colosseum in Rome? A Muslim Somali in Minnesota to Paul Bunyan? None!

The West has simply lost its will to survive and is only now making progress because of centuries of cultural inertia and that inertia is quickly running out. Multiculturalism is a disease of the guilt ridden Liberal Left and will be the end of Western culture.

Islam will eventually win because it has the will to win and isn't afraid to exploit Western guilt and Western law in its slow march through the West.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Environmentalist Cowards

With the possibility of amnesty for upwards of 20 million illegals looming large why do we hear nothing from environmental groups that rarely miss an opportunity how we humans are destroying the planet? Is it because the overwhelming growth in US population is coming from immigrants, illegal and legal, who hail from 3rd world countries and to oppose immigration risks being accused of racism?

Here is the Sierra Club's policy ca. 1969 "The Sierra Club urges the people of the United States to abandon population growth as a pattern and goal; to commit themselves to limit the total population of the United States in order to achieve balance between population and resources; and to achieve a stable population no later than the year 1990."

And ca. 2003 when it was by then obvious where US population growth was coming from: "...The Sierra Club supports the decision of the Board of Directors to take no position on U.S. immigration levels and policies."

The dramatic shift in their position is a result of their cowardice. If they truly believed in their agenda of sustainability they would confront illegal and even legal immigration head on. After all human population growth is the root cause of all the evils the Sierra Club et al regularly warn us about, overcrowding, resource depletion, viable ecosystems, environmentally responsible consumption, etc.

Instead taking a "pro Earth" position on immigration the Sierra Club and the rest of the cowardly Left take the easy way out and go after big business as if it, and not the consumers it serves, were the root of all evil.

Liberalism will, one can hope, eventually have to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions and conflicting interests. In the mean time the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of their moral cowardice and inaction.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ted Kennedy and the end of the UNITED States

Perhaps the title is a bit dramatic but only time will tell. Ted Kennedy, an embarrassment to the US Senate but curiously reelected time and again by the good people of Mass, has it in for our country. How else to explain his hard push for "comprehensive" immigration reform? Didn't he, or we, learn any lessons from the 1965 overhaul of US immigration policy which in defense of the overhaul Ted stated, "First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Second, the ethnic mix will not be upset."
We all know that that is precisely what happened. And in spite of the changes to US immigration policy that weren't agreed to by the American people and which have contributed to the balkanization of the country and the growth of ethnic politics Teddy boy is at it again. Why? What form of Liberal white guilt drives this man to want to continually alter the make-up of the country? What does he hope to gain from am influx of Hispanics? Perhaps he hopes to capitalize on the ignorance of the poor uneducated peasants that stream across our southern border day in and day out and translate his generosity into Democratic votes. The plan may well succeed which makes it all the more frustrating that the Wall St. Journal wing of the GOP also supports the Kennedy approach. They may regret their success.
Unlike Old World countries that are united by ethnicity, centuries of common culture and history, all that unites us is the English language, American culture, and our government and its laws. Massive immigration on the scale that would result from the Kennedy-McCain plan would alter forever our country and increase the rate of Balkanization. We are already subjected to having to choose English in commercial transactions.
One thing that was learned from the 1986 Reagan amnesty was that not many of the illegals actually wanted to be citizens but rather just wanted to work, save, and then go home. So why the need to offer the 12-20 MILLION ILLEGALS citizenship? Has anyone even asked them if that's what they want? Evidence suggests that if the illegals were offered the chance to move freely between the US and Mexico for work that most of them would leave on their own. Instead they are trapped here. Once they've managed to get across the border why take the chance of not getting back in by going home?
To prevent the demographic time bomb opposed by an overwhelming majority of Americans it is necessary to support a guest worker program that: denies citizenship to illegals, insists they return at regular intervals to renew their guest status, denies citizenship to the children of illegals and guests, denies any form of US taxpayer benefit, mandates that the employers of guests provide medical coverage for their employees (else the burden is on taxpayers) for on the job injuries, mandates strict employer verification, and punishes employers that knowingly violate the law.
The lessons to be learned from the fall of Rome are too numerous to list.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Race and Politics - Who is What and Why?

Barack Obama is equal parts white and black yet every media mention of the junior senator labels him an African American. Why? Would it not be just as accurate to label him white? Given his background he is probably closer to Liberal white thought than that of African Americans. After all, what does his father, a Kenyan, or his mother, a white woman from Kansas, know of the plight of African Americans? It seems any person can be labeled a 'person of color' as long as that person has a smidgen of non-white ancestry and can somehow be seen to positively represent the community that they claim or that claims them. Take Gov. Bill Richardson as another example. He's labeled a 'Hispanic'. Why? Because his mother was Mexican? So. He still has a good chance of being 100% white if his mother came from upper class Mexican society. And unless his mother was 100% Aztec, Mayan or some other Native American of Mexico, most Mexicans are of mixed heritage, he's more white than anything else. Yet he gains political advantage from being something other than white. The list goes on. Halle Berry, Lenny Kravitz, Tiger Woods, et al. We won't ever be able to move beyond race because Liberals don't want to. The race card is too advantageous to them in the game of politics.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Will Europe Go Gently into the Goodnight?

In Oct. of 732 Charles 'The Hammer' Martel defeated a Muslim army at Tours in modern day France halting the aggressive spread of Islam into Europe for seven centuries until Byzantium fell to the Turks in 1453. Soon after the fall of Byzantium Spain finally expelled the Muslims and set off four hundred plus years of European expansion, discovery, enlightenment, and domination of almost the entire globe. Once, Europe was strong, proud, confident, and unafraid to assert itself. Europe gave birth to the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, movements that generated tremendous advances in art, science, civil liberties, and the rights of the individual and eventually birthed the United States of America.
Today, Europe is weak, mired in a political correctness malaise that will ultimately prove to be its end.
In 2006 Muhammar Khadaffi said, "We have four million Muslims in Albania. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims."
Given the rate of Muslim immigration into Europe, the high Muslim birth rates, and the head in the sand attitude of most Europeans it seems, in time, Khadaffi will be proved right because Europe won't take Khadaffi's advice and "declare war on the Muslims".
Europe, weak, ineffective, cowardly, unsure, won't be able to prevent its own end, even as it has become obvious, because it is paralyzed by cultural guilt and an inexplicable pacifism that will prevent them from ever raising a hand in defense of themselves, their homes, their countries and their culture. Europe has either forgotten its past or has willfully rejected it.
When the Notre Dame in Paris is converted to a Mosque, as was the beautiful Hagia Sofia in Byzantium, will the Europeans finally act? Or will it be too late and we will all wake up to find that Europe, the foundation of Western culture, has indeed gone gently into the goodnight.