Monday, August 11, 2008

The Most Dangerous Game - Millennium Edition

It has been widely acknowledged that Europe currently faces a potentially dark future. This is seen as a result of uncontrolled Muslim immigration aided and abetted by politicians blinded by multi-cultural Utopian visions or driven by lust for power. That Islam is a danger to Europe is widely acknowledged by many average European citizens. Because of oppressive laws designed to prevent anyone from being offended, they fear speaking out against the government sanctioned colonization of their countries. This inability to speak freely makes it difficult to form an opposition movement to push for reforms to insane immigration laws that are threatening the culture and very existence of many European nations.

The few, but growing in number, opposition groups that have been formed are routinely pilloried by Leftists throughout European media, government, and academia as racist, xenophobic, extreme right wing, etc. and have even come under physical attack from some of the more extreme "anti-hate" groups that make up the Left. This difficulty in organizing is caused in part by the average European citizen’s understandable resistance to public demonizing. It has led to various anti-jihad blogs examining alternative means of combating Islamization. One method will be discussed here. However, several facts need to be addressed before laying the groundwork for such a discussion.

As we have witnessed, Muslims are prone to extreme reaction from the slightest perceived insult. Whether this outrage is a normal response in the Muslim world or one that has been manufactured over time by the more radical elements of Islamic culture as a tool to be used against enemies remains unknown. What is known is that Islamic clerics often fan the flames and passions of Muslims to make political points, win concessions, create an environment of fear or as a warning of what is possible. Islamic clerics have an extraordinary level of influence on the average Muslim and it is common for them to direct suicide bombings or attacks against enemies both religious and secular. Europe has many hundreds of radical clerics on watch lists and keeps close tabs on them and their activities.

Islam is patient. We in the West have come to expect immediate gratification and find it difficult, as a culture, to make long term plans. This should be obvious enough to preclude further discussion. Islam, however, regards itself as a collective body with collective goals rather than as individuals with personal aims and desires. This cultural difference allows them to see a future where Islam is the dominant religion and political system and work toward that end even though they as individuals won't be present to see the goal achieved. Thus Islam has set its sights on the West. They know it will take decades or perhaps longer to achieve but they remain confident of success. We in the West don't pay much attention to the slow laying of foundations for our conquest. We are becoming like the proverbial frog in the pot of water that gets boiled as the temperature is slowly raised.

With knowledge of their intent along with the Muslim propensity for mindless outrage and violence, they and their plan can be defeated.

Defeating the Muslims will require making them burst into destructive demonstrations of violence and anger. If they are provoked frequently, Muslims will expose their own anger and violence, thus giving the West a better chance to acknowledge the danger in our midst.

How then to provoke them? Referring back to the power held by clerics and the influence they wield it becomes clear that provoking Muslims into action will require elimination of their leadership. This isn't something that we can rely on our governments to accomplish and thus will have to be carried out by patriots or mercenaries.

By what mechanism can this goal be accomplished? It is proposed here that a bounty be established for named Muslim leaders and that such a bounty be paid to whoever carries out the task of cutting off a given head of the Muslim hydra.

A list of targets will be posted and given an initial ranking. There will be several types of players: 'backers' who only contribute to the bounty, 'gamblers' who bet on the odds of a target's elimination, and 'operators'; those that elect to carry out a mission and collect the bounty. The rules of the hunt are still under development and open to suggestions from readers.

Disclaimer: This is purely hypothetical and the author in no way condones the murder of even the most heinous individuals no matter how much they may deserve to be removed from this existence.