Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Touble with Somalis

A lot of stories regarding Somali Muslims have been in the news lately:
Somali Muslim cab drivers refusing certain passengers in Minnesota
Somali Muslim students offended by a ham sandwich in Maine
Somali Muslim cabbie tries to run down college students in Tennessee
and now Somali Muslims in TN demanding, and receiving, special prayer breaks and accommodations by Dell in an assembly plant. Thanks to the Gates of Vienna, 'The Submission Train" for this one.

So this begs the question, why are all these Somalis here? The answer is, Catholic Charities and the US Government. Thanks to them we now have hundreds of thousands of people who couldn't be more different than the people of the US. We are not only importing poverty we are now importing religious tension.

For some history on the Somali resettlement projects see this story on V-Dare.

We need to demand that our government stop resettlement into our country of those that are virtually unassimilable so we can possibly put a stop to the growth of the cancer of Islam in our country.

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