Saturday, January 5, 2008

Islam is a Prison

Afghanistan's Islamic Council warned president Karzai Friday about allowing missionaries into the country. I'd like to know why? What is it that these "clerics" are afraid if? Could it be that fear is the only thing they have with which to rule their flocks? Do they fear that if the message of the missionaries were heard that Muslims would convert to Christianity by the thousands? They don't demonstrate much 'faith' in their religion if they are afraid of a little competition. Rather, it shows a tremendous lack of confidence in the message of their prophet and the truth of their religion. These clerics live in fear that what they believe may in fact be false, it is, and that if Afghanis (and Muslims in most Islamic countries) were given a chance to hear an alternative message, one of peace, that they would convert and the clerics would lose their power. Their power is really an arrogance, a greed, a hunger. It is the power a rapist feels over his victim, an executioner over a condemned prisoner, a drill seargent over a recruit. It is not a power based on respect or persuasion or faith and that is why Islam is a prison, its believers condemned, its future angry and bleak.


Wabano said...

Did you see the movie "The man who would be King"?

It's about Kaffiristan, or the Afghanisthan of today.

It was not so long ago and they where all Buddhists.

What about doing like Ann Coulter say
and reconvert them all back to the religion of their grandfather.

They would be a lot happier, but it would not be PC.

PC is letting the sewer rats of Allah forcibly convert populations
at the point of the saber.


Col. B. Bunny said...

I agree. I only quibble with your idea that a drill sergeant doesn't respect a recruit. That is not true. They can be tough on recruits but they recognize that they are people who have chosen or agreed to be part of the military. I never ran across a superior in training who lacked respect for the troops. Artfully hidden at times, it's true, but there.