Monday, August 11, 2008

The Most Dangerous Game - Millennium Edition

It has been widely acknowledged that Europe currently faces a potentially dark future. This is seen as a result of uncontrolled Muslim immigration aided and abetted by politicians blinded by multi-cultural Utopian visions or driven by lust for power. That Islam is a danger to Europe is widely acknowledged by many average European citizens. Because of oppressive laws designed to prevent anyone from being offended, they fear speaking out against the government sanctioned colonization of their countries. This inability to speak freely makes it difficult to form an opposition movement to push for reforms to insane immigration laws that are threatening the culture and very existence of many European nations.

The few, but growing in number, opposition groups that have been formed are routinely pilloried by Leftists throughout European media, government, and academia as racist, xenophobic, extreme right wing, etc. and have even come under physical attack from some of the more extreme "anti-hate" groups that make up the Left. This difficulty in organizing is caused in part by the average European citizen’s understandable resistance to public demonizing. It has led to various anti-jihad blogs examining alternative means of combating Islamization. One method will be discussed here. However, several facts need to be addressed before laying the groundwork for such a discussion.

As we have witnessed, Muslims are prone to extreme reaction from the slightest perceived insult. Whether this outrage is a normal response in the Muslim world or one that has been manufactured over time by the more radical elements of Islamic culture as a tool to be used against enemies remains unknown. What is known is that Islamic clerics often fan the flames and passions of Muslims to make political points, win concessions, create an environment of fear or as a warning of what is possible. Islamic clerics have an extraordinary level of influence on the average Muslim and it is common for them to direct suicide bombings or attacks against enemies both religious and secular. Europe has many hundreds of radical clerics on watch lists and keeps close tabs on them and their activities.

Islam is patient. We in the West have come to expect immediate gratification and find it difficult, as a culture, to make long term plans. This should be obvious enough to preclude further discussion. Islam, however, regards itself as a collective body with collective goals rather than as individuals with personal aims and desires. This cultural difference allows them to see a future where Islam is the dominant religion and political system and work toward that end even though they as individuals won't be present to see the goal achieved. Thus Islam has set its sights on the West. They know it will take decades or perhaps longer to achieve but they remain confident of success. We in the West don't pay much attention to the slow laying of foundations for our conquest. We are becoming like the proverbial frog in the pot of water that gets boiled as the temperature is slowly raised.

With knowledge of their intent along with the Muslim propensity for mindless outrage and violence, they and their plan can be defeated.

Defeating the Muslims will require making them burst into destructive demonstrations of violence and anger. If they are provoked frequently, Muslims will expose their own anger and violence, thus giving the West a better chance to acknowledge the danger in our midst.

How then to provoke them? Referring back to the power held by clerics and the influence they wield it becomes clear that provoking Muslims into action will require elimination of their leadership. This isn't something that we can rely on our governments to accomplish and thus will have to be carried out by patriots or mercenaries.

By what mechanism can this goal be accomplished? It is proposed here that a bounty be established for named Muslim leaders and that such a bounty be paid to whoever carries out the task of cutting off a given head of the Muslim hydra.

A list of targets will be posted and given an initial ranking. There will be several types of players: 'backers' who only contribute to the bounty, 'gamblers' who bet on the odds of a target's elimination, and 'operators'; those that elect to carry out a mission and collect the bounty. The rules of the hunt are still under development and open to suggestions from readers.

Disclaimer: This is purely hypothetical and the author in no way condones the murder of even the most heinous individuals no matter how much they may deserve to be removed from this existence.


Pierre said...

This is a great Idea.

The mullahs are the cheerleaders who whip the jihadis into a frenzy.

Reducing these vermin would certainly slow down Islam.

Afonso Henriques said...

Hi, I've been here to read your "solution" from Gates of Vienna, we desperately need one.

"It has been widely acknowledged that Europe currently faces a potentially dark future. This is seen as a result of uncontrolled Muslim immigration ..."

No, I can now see that you will not present a solution because you fail to see that muslims are not a problem. THIRD WORLDERS are the probem. Have you ever wondered why Third Worlders are THIRD WORLDERS?

My conclusion is that you are not ok with the replacement of the European Peoples - and their consequent extintion (for ever, as any "greenie will tell you) - because those who will replace them are *muslims*. You wouldn't mind if they were of another faith now would you?

I now think you are the kind of guy who thinks Europe is a hell but who sleep well in America knowing that a white women is raped by a black man in every 15 minutes... after all, those men are not muslims...

I have to say that I have a different opinion.

Your idea could be used against the left as well, and that would be more effective in the long term (I fell better killing the ones who want to destroy their own culture than innocent clerics (men of their God) who want to strenght and preserve theirs). But you fail to understand that for one of those you kill, two will replace him. The solution?

In Italy the political powers passed laws to specifically difficult the entry of the far left in the parliament, in many Nations in Europe, right or far right wing parties are prohibited...

The solution passes by that, that and the "more or less efectively neutralisation" of ethnic minorities in their reprductive age. Especilly males...

Nice try though! Please... don't hate me, hate the game.

Charlemagne said...

Afonso - you are mistaken regarding my opinions of immigration. I would definitely like to see all 3rd world immigration to Western countries greatly reduced or even eliminated. I focused on Muslim immigrants in the article because it is they who currently pose the greatest threat to Europe. I doubt Great Britain for example lives in fear of its Hindu immigrants. Any problems associated with their potentially large numbers can be addressed after the Islamic threat is resolved. The threat of 3rd world immigrants who are not prone to violence is simply one of cultural and ethnic dilution of the native populations. This is a less substantial threat than that which Islam represents.
And I am well aware of the crime statistics in the US regarding different racial and ethnic groups and know that black Americans represent an proportion that outstrips their proportion of the population. However, most blacks in the US are descendants of slaves and have been in this country for well over 150 years. They are not immigrants like all minorities in Europe.
I am not ok with the replacement of European peoples with anyone at all. I have had the position that Europe should be for Europeans only since before the rise of the Internet.
And I agree that my 'game' would serve equally well to eliminate the cancerous Leftists who are the root cause of Europe's Muslim and immigrant problem. They, like non-Muslim immigrants, can wait to be dealt with until after the Muslim threat is contained and eliminated.
My solution is merely a solution to the immediate problem of escalating Muslim aggression and violence. It is intended to disrupt their organizing, shock them into action, and scare the Hell out of complacent Europeans.

Afonso Henriques said...

Well, that's what I wanted to see!

Sorry if I've been a bit agressive.

I only do not agree with one thing:

"Any problems associated with their potentially large numbers can be addressed after the Islamic threat is resolved. The threat of 3rd world immigrants who are not prone to violence is simply one of cultural and ethnic dilution of the native populations."

You see, that's not how it works. Believe me. For instance, with virtually no muslims in the United States, you can see how both blacks and hispanics behave... how do you explain that?
Here I do not have many muslims but the third worlders are an enormous problem... People who claim to be Brazilian/African Christians! They all have the same in common...

But I agree muslims are especial.
muslims have great sophistcation... they have ruled Europe in the East, the SouthWest and the SouthEast. They have made war with the rest of Europe for centuries. Muslims are accostumed to be a world power which the West has to consider, so, they do have had an interest in Europe that trasnscends time and they were fighting for Europe centuries before Europe got this prosperous. They are the leaders of the Third World because of this. They are not worst, they are better. They are better because all other "ethnics" do the same but only the musims (and especially the Arabs/North Africans/Turks/Persians/Pakistanis, those accostumed to relativeley high Islamic culture) have this kind of sophistication.

I would prefer to use your tactic againt the leftists but even in that way, I have som "moral" reserves... and as I said, I think there would be people to replace the ones dead. It will lead to a radicalisation, and it will be transmited to the next generation.

A Nativa American Peruvian leader said to the Spaniards right before he died: You may kill me today but tomorrow I will be millions... Can you get it?

I understand - and probabily better than you do - why the muslims are such an ideal target but, I really do not want people - as I have seen many times - screaming KILL'HEM! when a muslim do something and OH, POOR GUY, when it's a non muslim foreigner. Do you understand my frustration?

You would probabily be astonished if I told you as a (evil-racist) European that in the first three years, everybody 95% is a good immigrant. The worst is when they breed, their prole will be +85% anti-European when they reach 20. Europe for them is just to take, rape, get rich and then to put in the garbage... I dont know if you are understanding me... have a nice day.

Charlemagne said...

Afonso - robust debate needs no apologies!

You missed a subtle point I think:

I said, "The threat of 3rd world immigrants who are not prone to violence is simply one of cultural and ethnic dilution of the native populations."

Hispanic immigrants by and large as a group are not violent. It may seem as though they are but that is a consequence of their large numbers.

No immigrant or minority group in the US becomes violent until they reach a certain percentage of the population; national, local, or whatever political unit of governance you are measuring. You can witness this first hand in schools where the minority population is very low. They tend to be very well behaved. In schools where their numbers are larger, their propensity for violence and aggression increases.

Which isn't to say there aren't violent individuals regardless of their percentage of the population but their share of the violence grows geometrically (or some other non-linear factor)in proportion to their numbers

Clearly there are Hispanic immigrants coming to the US who are extremely violent and some of our cities are under siege from various gangs of Hispanics, legal and illegal. But they don't pose any kind of threat to our civilization. They are a criminal problem. Of course they are only a problem now because of misguided immigration policies and Leftist fealty to political correctness and multiculturalism.
As for blacks we have had black gangs (and Hispanic gangs too) for decades and they almost exclusively prey on each other or on innocent members of their communities.
And the violence of these groups, as stated, are strictly criminal acts. They are not acts intended to intimidate the larger culture, not intended to convey a cultural message of the superiority of the aggressor, not intended as political messages, and not orchestrated by a central figure as Muslim violence in Europe is.

The threat posed by large numbers of Hispanic immigrants is one of cultural dissolution, Balkanization of the country, and eventual formation of new states from the corpse of the former USA. What we don't risk is being subjugated and made subservient to a foreign body of "law" like Europe does with sharia.
And here in the US the push back against open borders has been enormous. Twice last year we prevented passage of bills that would have given illegals US citizenship. The Conservative base of the US isn't the least bit afraid of the Left or the US government. A large majority of Americans are opposed to granting citizenship to illegals and open borders and aren't afraid to fight the Leftists and their Big Business allies to prevent it. It will continue to be a long difficult fight but it is one we will actively engage in.

I jumped around in trying to make a few points. My apologies if this post was a little disjointed.

Afonso Henriques said...

Charlemagne, the last Roman Emperor. I believe D. Afonso Henriques is a desncendent of Charles Magne...

Now seriously,

"some of our cities are under siege from various gangs of Hispanics, legal and illegal. But they don't pose any kind of threat to our civilization."

While I agree with with many, if not most of your assertions, I think this is a bit of naivety from your part. You see, just look South to Latin America. The more non European a Nation is the more non Western it is. So, I assume that Hispanics do pose a threath to European Civilisation. It seems racist but, if you try to understand it free from prejudices, you will see that it is only logical. You know, I see monsters rising in Latin America. For intance Bolivarianism has taken control of: Venezuela, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Honduras, Nicaragua, and I bet El Salvador and Guatemala are in it too. This is something that, when you're at it, you cannot go back. All this countries have a European population inferior to 25%. Only Cuba may get out of it, but even if it does, Colombia will undoubtedly fall to it. I look at La Raza and the movements in South Mexico and I see exactly that. I look at Brazil and I see a battle being fought (and lost) against Bolivarianism... I will try to give an example:

You have the Canada the U.S.A. and Argentina which are clearely "Western oriented States".
Than, you have, for instance, Mexico, which is less Western but is relativeley Western. Why? It has a white Western elite in power; it has Historically very strong ties both to Spain and the United States and, probabily the most important, given the few European Mexican population, the United States has economically "feed" Mexico just as the European Union has bought Nations. That makes Mexico somewhat stable.

Now, let's compare the "half-Western" Mexico with another Hispanic State: Guatemala.
Guatemala does not have those ties with Europe, be it the U.S. or Spain; Guatemala has not the United States to give them money so that they can live like Mexicans and - probabily most important - they almost do not have Europeans there. So, Guatemala is less Western and more of a hell whole than Mexico.

Than you have Haiti. Haiti's History has been to fight West. It is indeed anti-Western. The result? The worst place in the Americans in virtually everything. I heard zombies actually exist there...

That's the danger. You will get zombies in the streets if you have enough "non violent Hispanics", and, when they get the number prone to it, Chavez like figures will support the fabrication of those zombies through Bolivarianism. I think you can see the conections and the similarities between Chavez, La Razza and the "Latino" (as if...) gangs in America.

Afonso Henriques said...

I just want to state the following:

"The threat of 3rd world immigrants who are not prone to violence is simply one of cultural and ethnic dilution of the native populations"

I have seen - and this is what happens in Europe independent of ethnicity and religion - model immigrants to breed out revolted second generation immigrants who really want to destroy European Civilisation. I can give you sources and examples if you want. And that is something I think most people ignore. The vast majority of immigrant criminality cames from second generations or people who did grow up in Europe.

I agree that muslims have a plan and the will to execute it while other "ethnics" only have the will. But I do not doubt that a significative non muslim "ethnic" population has that will and what will happen after, say, 2012 will be a radicalisation of the population, especially the immigrant one so that those who support violence or are sympathetic to ir will be a majority.

Jude said...

I've created an account and a nom du guerre especially for this purpose. Of course, it wouldn't matter if someone got examined my hard drive, and I have to explore the tecnique of email remailing drops, but for now this should do while it is still only a discussion.

I've been studying this for a while,from the viewpoint of psyops.

Fact is, most Americans are still in deep denial, and we have large Fifth Column (think CAIR) and a huge number of potential Vichy-Americans (to coin a phrase.)

West Europe is worse. To put it bluntly, West Europe, minus the Danes, won't fight. However I don't think the Eastern Europeans are ready to surrender the independence they've so recently regained.

But it won't do any good right now. Neither London nor Madrid woke them up.

But we can take the fight back to them.

Salman Rushdie, the Danish cartoons....

Now think posters, scurrilous emails, deliberately crafted vulgar art work satirizing Islam and the prophet. Think toilet paper printed with verses of the Koran.

Imagine a poster/email showing an image of the prophet embracing a pig and saying "Don't worry habibi ("my sweetheart") I won't let my followers eat our children..."

Imagine Koran-verse toilet paper placed in public toilets in European cities with high Muslim populations.

The organization to do this would have to be 1) funded, and 2) organized carefully to protect the identity of the operatives. In America they'd face assassination, in Europe - that and arrest and prosecution as well.

The operatives who placed the psyop material would have to be able to travel around Europe on a backpackers lifestyle - and tough enough to live with the fact that people would die as a direct result of what they did.

The objective is to make the war explode NOW, before they're ready. Lay it on the line and force everyone in the Western world to make a decision: stand with freedom or stand against it.

Those who stand with: Christain, Jew and reforming Muslim, will then be in a position to know who the enemies and traitors are - and take appropriate action.

Jude said...

PS: Suggest you circulate this privately - or post it only briefly and delete it.

retro said...

communikation, cooperation, coordination etc necessary!
Communication via DynaWeb?

Jude said...

Is Dynaweb a mail drop?

Sorry, not yet up on these things, but I know there is such a thing as non-tracable email remail.

Or closed discussion lists. Can these be traced?

Charlemagne said...

Seems there are a lot of Dynawebs out ther. This may be the one referenced:

Charlemagne said...

@ Jude - I want this to get wide circulation so am willing to risk it.

I have potentially fun, legal alternative to my first game that may get widespread support.

If you're at all familiar with the children's books "Where's Waldo?" ( I suggest a "Where's Muhammad?" version where volunteers post pictures of Muslims we want to keep an eye on with time, date, and place and upload them to the site. We can create a civilian tracking group by making a game of it. Would have to figure out how to reward players and keep score. It would probably drive the "subjects" of the surveillance crazy, which would be half the fun.

Any volunteers to build a site, help create rules, and create awareness?

Attaschurk said...

Charlemagne is right. one of the biggest weaknesses of Western society is that it isn't able to make any plans on long term.
it will be very hard to find any volunteers or raise money for this brilliant plan.

i want to be a part of the organisation though. Please email me about how i can help.

Charlemagne said...

Attaschurk how may I e-mail you?


Holger said...

All you need to provoke the muslims is to add big signs like United American Committee just did, that'll step the muslim on the toes and get them to start screaming, protesting and burning.

Holger said...

Luckily the Danes are good at it! - They'll hopefully do us all a favor. Lars Vilks is another great teaser.

Robin Shadowes said...

I'll be happy to be in on it as well. It'll be pure pleasure to step... no *cough* tramp on some sore muslim tippy toes.

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