Monday, April 9, 2007

Defeating Defeat

Perhaps I'm an alarmist but I genuinely believe that the end of the West is a distinct possibility within the next 100 years and that it is primarily caused by dearly held Western values taken to the extreme. Values such as tolerance, open mindedness, acceptance, accomodation, free speech, et al.
We in the West have become so politically correct in our response to everything that we are literally afraid to defend ourselves and are far too eager to jettison our own values and culture for fear of offense. Our values and culture that have made Western culture the greatest success story in the world and we not only are afraid to defend them but in some cases are only too eager to assist in their degradation. Witness the UK schools afraid to teach the truth about the Holocaust because Muslim students might be offended, may have learned something else in the mosque, or who may be incited to anti-semitism. It's an outrageous capitulation and a staggering admission of our weakness. What will our enemies make of our fear to communicate the truth in spite of the consequences? WHY is Liberalism so weak?
I'm always searching for root causes and in this case I believe the root cause of this weakness is public education. Where else are children taught the valuless nonsense of multiculturalism, diversity, moral and cultural relativism, and atheism?
We are on a path to destruction and seem helpless to stop it. we may have a strong external appearance and make much ado about our democratic freedoms to debate but this is merely masking the truth of our decay. Witness the Democrats weakness in the face of our enemies. They won't even call our war with Islamic terrorists by its accurate name instead choosing ideologially detached names such as "the war in X-region".
I just don't understand Liberalism. It seems to defy human nature and all rational thought. When your enemies are seeking to kill you and end your way of life, why not meet them with force? Why do Leftists instead join our enemies against us? Why?
I'm not particularly religious but I believe the only thing that will save the West is a vigorous Christianity coupled with renewed and extensive education about Western culture and a rebirth in patriotism and love of country.
Liberalism is truly a sickness that must be met head on and defeated with truth.

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