Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Flying Imams and US Immigration Policy

While reading about the Target fiasco where the Muslim immigrant refused to scan a package of bacon I read that there were "tens of thousands" of Somali Muslims in Minnesota. I had never known that little fact until recently. I was however aware of similar Somali resettlements in Maine from a friend living there.
These resettlements raise several interesting questions such as why settle nomadic, desert Africans in northern US states and not in the South? Were MN and ME deemed too white by social engineers in the Clinton Admin and in need of a little "diversity"? Why are they being resettled in the US in the first place? I don't recall voters being asked about the issue of "humanitarian" resettlement. How many millions or billions would qualify for such generous treatment? Did the Feds consider what impact settling tens of thousands of black, African, Muslims might have on MN and US culture, schools, social services, etc?

In any case the current problems ongoing in MN from the Flying Imams to the Target cashier can be laid squarely at the feet of the US government and the Clinton Administration in particular since the MN resettlements were started in 1995. Was any thought given to how disruptive the clash of cultures would be? What demands these newcomers would make on US culture to adapt to them instead of their adapting to us?

As the sensible among us demand accountability and responsibility in our immigration system the demands need to be expanded to include these poorly thought out resettlement policies.

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