Saturday, June 16, 2007

Amnesty - Shortcut to Socialism?

You have to admire Ted Kennedy for one thing, he has patience. I can't say for sure but I believe Teddy has always dreamt of turning the USA into a socialist state and he has pushed us in that direction over the decades one baby step at a time. But sensing that his life could end before his dream is accomplished he's come up with a way to fast forward the US shift to socialism, amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens.
The mechanism for the acceleration will be health care because who will be paying for the health care of these new millions? Not their employers. Not the illegals themselves, Teddy saw to that when an amendment was defeated that would have required illegals to prove health coverage before they could get their Z-visa. So we're going to give 12-20 million uninsured, barely insurable low income workers the "right" to stay here with the "right" to medical care funded by taxpayers.
Naturally the fact that the vaunted 46 million uninsured will now become 58-66 million uninsured, many of whom are the children of the now legal, the hue and cry for taxpayer funded health care will grow louder. And when these new "citizens" eventually vote, if not sooner, we will find ourselves with nationalized, socialized medicine, the costs of which will be borne by the middle class citizens of the US whose ranks will not have grown. Tax increases are inevitable.
Teddy is a shrewd and patient man and if this catastrophe of a bill is passed he may yet succeed in creating his socialist state.

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