Saturday, June 9, 2007

Geraldo Rivera - Race Hustler?

I've been keeping up with Geraldo Rivera's positions and comments over the course of the immigration debate because I've always considered him a small time ethnic/race hustler always advocating for the "Latino" community regardless of the impact to larger society, rule of law, etc.

I decided to do a little research on Geraldo when he basically accused Bill O'Reilly of racism the on 6/6 during an immigration debate.

Geraldo said that people like Bill (whites) didn't want to come out of their homes and see people like "my kids" (Geraldo's has four children), implying that Geraldo's kids are "brown" people.

Any sane person looking at Bill and Geraldo side by side could reasonably assume that both men were of European extraction and that Geraldo clearly had more in common physically with Bill than with any of the Mexican (largely poor Aztecs) immigrants up for amnesty. Since Geraldo is of Puerto Rican extraction he obviously has more European, maybe even 100%, in him than most Mexicans.

After a quick read of his bio I quickly learned that Geraldo's mother, Lillian Friedman, is Jewish! So Geraldo is even whiter than he may already have been if he were 100% Puerto Rican.

Now, back to his "brown" kids. None of Geraldo's five wives (4 ex's, one current) is "Latina". This is assumed by looking at their last names , none of which are Spanish. So, this makes his children only 25% Puerto Rican/Hispanic and hardly "brown". So what kind of intellectual honesty is there in a statement by him to Bill about seeing "people like my kids" across the street?

So, just what is Geraldo's angle here? Is he raising his white kids to think of themselves to be "brown"? How many "Hispanics" are actually white, mostly white, or at least half white in the USA? How many of them are aligned against the majority in the immigration debate because of some misplaced sense of ethnic loyalty?

Time for Geraldo to come clean about his "brownness".


just a marine said...

His career has been plagued by his journalistic integrity problems, some which allegedly have gotten him fired or let go. The nicest thing to say about him is that he is a self promoter. He even used to go by the name Jerry Rivers, I believe. During his time at ABC, he once organized a protest against an amphibious landing exercise at Vieques Island, P.R., and then filmed and reported it as spontaneous. Later ABC fired him for another incident. Since Fox News has hired him, I personally tune him off every time he appears since his self promotion and past make any thing he says suspect. I do the same for BBC by the way.

Bald Headed Geek said...

Found your blog through The American Israeli Patriot. It's great, and I have added you to my blogroll!


melchior6 said...

You're right about the race hustling. He is trying to peddle this notion of a Brown race. There is no Hispanic or Brown race. As you pointed out, Hispanics are a mixture of races many mixed amerindian and Black but some are pure European as are Spaniards and most Argentinians.

Bill said...

Geraldo has always been a racist. If he has a segment about the 'Tea Party', he starts the segment with KKK rally film in D.C. from the 20's. He's so proud of his PR heritage that he's never had a Latino wife. Each and everyone a white women. BS to Geraldo means brown and sexy. To me its just plain old Geraldo BS! In my opinion!