Friday, March 23, 2007

Islam's Gift to the West

9/11 is a day, like Dec. 7 1941, that will live in infamy as one of the worst attacks on the US ever in history. In spite of this horrific attack is it possible that it could have been a blessing, an expensive one in terms of lives, in the long run?
What has been revealed since 9/11? That Islam has been conducting a decades long slow stealth march through the West that has gone virtually unnoticed until Al Queda brutally exposed the Islamic Agenda on 9/11.
Europeans, who realistically may lose their continent to Islam this century, seems to finally be awakening to the danger in their midst and is mobilizing to save themselves.
We Americans have become more vigilant and suspicious of attempts by Muslims to garner exceptions to US law based on their freedom of religion.
Note the recent attention given to the "flying Imams", the Somali Muslim invaders that masquerade as cabbies who refuse to carry seeing-eye dogs and passengers with alcohol, the Muslim in Target that refused to check out bacon and countless little cuts to our Western culture.
When the 1st amendment was written it was written from a Western, Christian perspective. That is an undeniable fact. However, this fact seems to be ignored when dealing with non-Western religions. Will Muslims soon begin demanding that they be allowed to have multiple wives because it is for them a religious practice? What about keeping their wives in subservient positions? Honor killings? Female circumcision? Refusing to serve pork to paying customers?
Will Muslims be allowed to openly discriminate against non-Muslims because Islam calls for Muslims to treat ALL non-Muslims as second class citizens? Our founders couldn't have known they would have had to someday address these issues.
Islam will use our own laws and freedoms against us to advance their own agenda. In this battle we are unarmed.
All these questions are now being asked, stealth organizations such as CAIR that support terrorists are being watched, and the duplicitous nature of Islam is now being watched thanks to 9/11.
In spite of the unforgivable loss of life on 9/11 I want to thank Islam for waking us up to the danger in our midst.

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