Friday, March 16, 2007

History, Multiculturalism, and the end of the West

As Western countries are increasingly flooded with immigrants from non-Western countries when will it cease to be possible to teach the history of the host country from the host's perspective? Are Mexican-American students likely to understand the American side of the story of the Alamo or will their ethnic "pride", loyalty, or identity supersede their American identity? Will they proclaim an American viewpoint of the Alamo as somehow racist? Will all history have to be taught from the perspective of the aggrieved and defeated to be valid? Witness how the history of the westward expansion of whites is now commonly portrayed as a criminal act because of how the Indians were treated.

To get an idea of the future take a look at the Iranian reaction to the film '300'. The Iranians don't like the way the Persians were portrayed and are more than a little upset about it. How do the Iranians think the enemies of the Greeks should have been portrayed? IN the eyes of the Spartans and other Greeks the Persians WERE invading, cruel, brutal, and a force to be feared. They weren't friendly neighbors coming over to borrow a cup of sugar.

As Europe becomes increasingly Muslim will it be possible to tell the history of the Battle of Tours in which Charles "the Hammer" Martel defeated the invading Muslim army and saved Europe from Islam? How can it be told without "offending" Muslims? This was one of the most historically important battles in European history but can it be told? What about the Reconquista in Spain when the Moors were finally expelled and Spain reclaimed for the Spanish Christians?

Will European history as it relates to European relations with Islam be deemed too racist, imperialist, colonialist, et al to be told from an honest Western perspective?

Will Europe be forced to give up its Christian symbols as some prison guards in London were forced to do because their St. George lapel pins might "upset" some Muslim prisoners and guards? Must Europe now deny its Christian roots?

What connection do these new imigrants have to their hosts? They obviously have little interest in integrating or assimilating and the Liberal West has little interest in making them do so. What kind of connection to the Tower of London does a Pakistani immigrant to England have? A Moroccan to the art in the Louvre? A Nigerian to the Colosseum in Rome? A Muslim Somali in Minnesota to Paul Bunyan? None!

The West has simply lost its will to survive and is only now making progress because of centuries of cultural inertia and that inertia is quickly running out. Multiculturalism is a disease of the guilt ridden Liberal Left and will be the end of Western culture.

Islam will eventually win because it has the will to win and isn't afraid to exploit Western guilt and Western law in its slow march through the West.


shane said...

Have faith in the South - where history is passed on to their children like lore spun by a bard. I wonder if sometimes the conservatives in this country will ultimately balkanize in the middle of the country, away from the liberal coasts and the cities.

Politically we can't let that happen, so it is up to you and me to correct the record.

Well done!

Delian League said...

The integration of immigrants into a society is driven by the incoming culture's desire to achieve the host country's composite "ideal".

Most immigrant groups are initially treated less well that the established ones that came before it. But they come anyway because the host is, overall, better than their former home. Most immigrants have wished to have more freedoms, less persecution and/or improve their economic standing.

When a group of immigrants, upon arrival, despise the society upon which it is arriving, that group has, historically, been called something else......

Gringo_Malo said...

As the U.S. loses its European majority, history will be the least of our problems. Crime, corruption, and general lawlessness, as in Mexico, will be the major problems.

I've noticed that many blog posters adhere to the leftist notion that all immigrants are assimilable. The founding generation knew better, and legislated accordingly.

The countries that immigrants wish to enter have one thing in common: they have white majorities. All of the countries that large numbers of emigrants wish to leave have one thing in common: they have non-white majorities. When the U.S. has a non-white majority, the U.S. will quickly change from a getinta to a getoutta. Unfortunately for us white Americans, there won't be anywhere else to go.

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