Friday, March 23, 2007

The President and the Polls

Much ado is made of the President's poll numbers and the MSM is only too eager to report that the President's numbers are swirling the bowl because of the war in Iraq. If that were really the case would the Dems be having such a hard time passing their resolutions to retreat from Iraq? The truth is probably closer to the fact that the President has abandoned Conservative principles and has thus lost the support of much of the Conservative base.
How high would his numbers rebound to if he actually sided with the American people on immigration reform?
How would he be doing if he hadn't tried to buy the AARP vote with his expansion of Medicare and resulting ballooning of the federal budget?
And how much Reagan Democrat support would he have if he would, for once, support pro-American trade policies and address American's unease with globalization?

If the President had listened to his base his support level would be much higher, the GOP would probably have held Congress, and he wouldn't be currently fending off frustration driven attacks from angry Democrats.

We can only hope that he and the rest of the GOP will learn from this experience and return to the Reagan and Gingrich principles that secure GOP domination for so long.

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