Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recommended Blog

If you care about the massive influx of Muslims into Europe and are concerned about the implications of a "Eurabia" you have to subscribe to this blog:
It gives me hope that there are still Europeans that care about their countries, their cultures, and their futures.

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Maggie M. Thornton said...


I found your article: Recommended Blog on RealClearPolitics.

First, I have been blogging for 1-1/2 months, so take what I say lightly - it could be wrong.

When I went to your site, your post title Recommended Blog, appears that it will take me to the BrusselsJournal site, but it does not. It stays at your site.

The http you give for for the BrusselsJournal also will not work when typed or pasted into a browser.

Here's what I have learned - it may help your very important mission:

To paste or type into the browser, the link to the BrusselsJournal should be written this way:
Just leave out the www.

To make the link "live" in your article, try this:

In front of:

href="http://">Brussels Journal

Add <
and then an
then leave a space before the href

Then after the word Journal add
and then add
and then add
again, all with no spaces

You should see this:
Brussels Journal

You should see Brussels Journal in your article in blue or whatever your link color is. A click and it should take you there.

Also, if you want your blog title to go to the article, do the same as above but replace Brussels Journal with Recommended Blog.

You should see this:
Recommended Blog

Sorry I could not write it out for you - all those < and > and a's in the html make the link live and hide the actual code.

I hope this is seen as helpful and not impertinent.

I took a quick look at a couple of your articles. I am going to add you to my blogroll.

I will also create a blog about this and reference you, the journal and the Washingon Times article. You are right. It is a very important issue and Europe is in great danger - which puts the rest of the free world in danger.

Diana West's point about the American media is correct, but take heart that many, many, many Americans see what is happening. We just cannot get the main stream media to talk about it.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and I apologize if I'm offering information not needed or wanted.

Maggie M. Thornton
Maggie's Notebook