Thursday, March 8, 2007

Environmentalist Cowards

With the possibility of amnesty for upwards of 20 million illegals looming large why do we hear nothing from environmental groups that rarely miss an opportunity how we humans are destroying the planet? Is it because the overwhelming growth in US population is coming from immigrants, illegal and legal, who hail from 3rd world countries and to oppose immigration risks being accused of racism?

Here is the Sierra Club's policy ca. 1969 "The Sierra Club urges the people of the United States to abandon population growth as a pattern and goal; to commit themselves to limit the total population of the United States in order to achieve balance between population and resources; and to achieve a stable population no later than the year 1990."

And ca. 2003 when it was by then obvious where US population growth was coming from: "...The Sierra Club supports the decision of the Board of Directors to take no position on U.S. immigration levels and policies."

The dramatic shift in their position is a result of their cowardice. If they truly believed in their agenda of sustainability they would confront illegal and even legal immigration head on. After all human population growth is the root cause of all the evils the Sierra Club et al regularly warn us about, overcrowding, resource depletion, viable ecosystems, environmentally responsible consumption, etc.

Instead taking a "pro Earth" position on immigration the Sierra Club and the rest of the cowardly Left take the easy way out and go after big business as if it, and not the consumers it serves, were the root of all evil.

Liberalism will, one can hope, eventually have to collapse under the weight of its own contradictions and conflicting interests. In the mean time the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of their moral cowardice and inaction.

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