Friday, March 23, 2007

Safeguarding our Freedoms

A lot that I've read lately leads me to believe that the only way to safeguard or freedoms is to demand school choice. The public schools have become the indoctrination centers for the Left. Every advocacy group in this country knows that if they want to advance their agenda all they need to do is enlist the support of the NEA. From gay rights to acceptance of Sharia Law the public schools are the channel.
I believe there is no greater threat to the future of our nation than public education. The self-described function of public education has transformed from educating our children to indoctrinating them on a host of Liberal causes to to ensure our children don't "discriminate". In the name of preventing "ism's" our children will learn to keep their thoughts to themselves, to not speak out against threats to the US, to feel ashamed to be white, Western, Christian, male, heterosexual or any non-member of a protected class. We desperately need school choice to ensure our children learn what they need to compete in a global economy but more importantly because only through breaking the Liberal monopoly on education will our children learn about our Founders, what it means to be an American, and take their duty to protect our country as a sacred one. It is through ignorance that the Liberal agenda is advanced. It is ignorance that is at the root of the erosion of our freedoms, our culture, and our identity.

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