Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ted Kennedy and the end of the UNITED States

Perhaps the title is a bit dramatic but only time will tell. Ted Kennedy, an embarrassment to the US Senate but curiously reelected time and again by the good people of Mass, has it in for our country. How else to explain his hard push for "comprehensive" immigration reform? Didn't he, or we, learn any lessons from the 1965 overhaul of US immigration policy which in defense of the overhaul Ted stated, "First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually. Second, the ethnic mix will not be upset."
We all know that that is precisely what happened. And in spite of the changes to US immigration policy that weren't agreed to by the American people and which have contributed to the balkanization of the country and the growth of ethnic politics Teddy boy is at it again. Why? What form of Liberal white guilt drives this man to want to continually alter the make-up of the country? What does he hope to gain from am influx of Hispanics? Perhaps he hopes to capitalize on the ignorance of the poor uneducated peasants that stream across our southern border day in and day out and translate his generosity into Democratic votes. The plan may well succeed which makes it all the more frustrating that the Wall St. Journal wing of the GOP also supports the Kennedy approach. They may regret their success.
Unlike Old World countries that are united by ethnicity, centuries of common culture and history, all that unites us is the English language, American culture, and our government and its laws. Massive immigration on the scale that would result from the Kennedy-McCain plan would alter forever our country and increase the rate of Balkanization. We are already subjected to having to choose English in commercial transactions.
One thing that was learned from the 1986 Reagan amnesty was that not many of the illegals actually wanted to be citizens but rather just wanted to work, save, and then go home. So why the need to offer the 12-20 MILLION ILLEGALS citizenship? Has anyone even asked them if that's what they want? Evidence suggests that if the illegals were offered the chance to move freely between the US and Mexico for work that most of them would leave on their own. Instead they are trapped here. Once they've managed to get across the border why take the chance of not getting back in by going home?
To prevent the demographic time bomb opposed by an overwhelming majority of Americans it is necessary to support a guest worker program that: denies citizenship to illegals, insists they return at regular intervals to renew their guest status, denies citizenship to the children of illegals and guests, denies any form of US taxpayer benefit, mandates that the employers of guests provide medical coverage for their employees (else the burden is on taxpayers) for on the job injuries, mandates strict employer verification, and punishes employers that knowingly violate the law.
The lessons to be learned from the fall of Rome are too numerous to list.

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